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Wiley - Handbook Of Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(19 lượt xem)

A one-item question with a Likert or Visual Analog Scale adequately measured current anxiety(18 lượt xem)

The Therapeutic Use of Self in Nursing(76 lượt xem)

Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship(13 lượt xem)

Effects of Trait Anxiety and Cognitive Appraisals on Emotional Reactions to Psychological and Physical Stressors(17 lượt xem)

Unconventional therapies for stress and anxiety(21 lượt xem)

transitions_theory__middle_range_and_situation_specific_theories_in_nursing_research_and_practice(19 lượt xem)

The effect of trait anxiety and patient expectation of therapeutic touch on the reduction in state anxiety in preoperative patients who receive therapeutic touch(9 lượt xem)

Briref Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(13 lượt xem)

Coping with stress(21 lượt xem)

Relaxation therapies for the management of primary hypertension in adults (Review)(18 lượt xem)

Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory(14 lượt xem)

A Controlled Pilot Study of Stress Management Training of Elderly Patients With Congestive Heart Failure(11 lượt xem)

Nursing process: definition, objectives, functions, steps. General characteristics. Phases the first stage of nursing process. Examination and determination of health status as the phase of the first stage of nursing process.(8 lượt xem)

Nursing Theories and Models(7 lượt xem)

A Clarification of Heidegger's Phenomenology(13 lượt xem)

Nursing Theories & Nursing Practice(15 lượt xem)

Middle range theories for nursing(17 lượt xem)

Contemporary_Nursing_Knowledge(17 lượt xem)

Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists(17 lượt xem)

What is Nursing_ Exploring Theory and Practice(21 lượt xem)

Nursing Theories and Models(27 lượt xem)

The Practice Nurse_ Theory and practice(12 lượt xem)

Nursing theories(15 lượt xem)

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